suggestions on my next knex car

I want some suggestions on what vehicle I should make next. Im open to almost anything.

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lukas rider6 years ago
a rock crawler, trophy truck, ........ the list is endless. do what your heart wants
jingo696 years ago
1960s mustang, dodge charger , oldsmobile cutless, gto judge, dodge chalenger,1960s corvette ,67' pontiac gto, chevy chevelle ,ford mustang 2011,
a/c cobra, aston martin db5 / 6, and other cool cars like that
i build a a/c cobra
Knexwiz6 years ago
i think you should build a 92 mustang :D
NachoMahma7 years ago
.  370Z
Picture 004.jpg
You call that a ride? Now this is cruisin'...
.  Don't let skunkbait see that.
I think is is riding shotgun.