super water guns

hello, I was wondering if you can make an instructable about an easy water gun, without going to the store.
this is part challenge, I you can use a balloon pump, any plastic pvc pipes,
maybe a soda bottle for storing water, and other stuff like a water balloon just doing nothing around your house.
be creative, and please reply!
(this isn't only for fun)

jeff-o7 years ago
Just a balloon pump? I'm not sure you can get any real useful pressure out of one. May as well take a swig of water and spit it at someone through a straw.

A bicycle pump, on the other hand... that's useful!
commentnlookr (author) 7 years ago
lookit! I found my own forum!
commentnlookr (author) 7 years ago
lookit! i found my own forum!