survial kit ideas

Any ideas for survival gear, please post.

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Labot20019 years ago
every survival kit should contain an emergency teleportation unit
lol your lost and you yell "BEAM ME UP SCOTTY!"
my instructable is a survival kit,....its not a little altoids one either XD
westfw9 years ago
Are we talking portable survival kit to carry in your (purse), something a bit bigger for the car, or one of those emergency preparedness kits you're supposed to have at home to sustain your family for several days in the event of significant natural disaster? For the latter, I think a big useful thing would be to have a plan on how to use the resources already present in your home effectively. For instance, the food in your freezer will stay frozen/cold quite a long time even without power (ask anyone who forgot to defrost the thanksgiving turkey in time), but not everything in there will be usable without power for cooking. In any case, a big thing is matches, lighters, and other ways of making fire. If you don't smoke these days, you can become very complacent about how easy it is to turn a knob or push a button and get heat. I remember one company group picnic, well equipped with charcoal, lighter fluid, food for everyone from the meat-eaters to the vegetarians... No one had any matches to light the charcoal!
michoi (author)  westfw9 years ago
we're talking wildernes survival any size
Pat Sowers9 years ago
Have a nice knife that you can put stuff in the handle. i will get a link for you. BRB/
you never want a knife that lets you put things in the handle. you want a good solid one with a nice strong wood handle. the knife is your most important tool, it should be solid, sharp, and not a gimmick
that knife was an example. I use a knife like that and it has never let me down! The knife i have is strong as all sin! nothing i have used it on has made it stop!
aside from the knife itself, the case should have a sharpening stone in a pocket, and a positive fastening (snap) to hold it in place a machete based on a parang is a good choice.
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