swf. Builder for PVC pipe

I have seen those flash ( .swf) builders and I am wondering if there is one for PVC pipe so I can "see" what I am building and make it all work.

Picture of swf. Builder for PVC pipe
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Flash is just an animating program so I have no idea what you are talking about.
He means the flash stuff they make for websites that's kind of run like a game, except it's a prototyping thing.
Oh I see. Maybe if you did all the scripting and stuff you could do it?
A lot of effort when there's probably some company website with one out there, I still prefer real prototypes or drawing.
I like to mess with the stuff and feel it and touch it. (Not being perverted or anything)
I do too It makes you more sure of what you're trying to do, and if it feels wrong have another touch... lol
Lol Nth disturbing joke of the day...
So you have a lot of experience with them huh?
Doesn't everybody? well at least those raised more recently, im 17 excuse made...
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