tec-9 style knex gun

this is a forum about if i should post my tec-9 knex gun. its a block trigger(08 edition is true trigger), 10+ (08 edition is 25+)round clip, and its bolt action(08 edition has a recoil dampening spring)

Picture of tec-9 style knex gun
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https://www.instructables.com/id/Best-knex-sniper-M82A1/ :D:D
MI69 years ago
www.instructables.com/community/Knex-M1-Garand-or-the-lack-of-them- www.instructables.com/community/WW2-Gunners-Attention-need-your-opinion-again- THESE TWO above are for WW2 enthusiasts especially, but veryone should be interested. www.instructables.com/community/Another-Knex-challenge-even-better-if-youre-a-/ STAR WARS fans or just Knex gunsmiths - this one too Visit and comment if you have the time please :)
MI69 years ago
I really want this gun - post it !
halo12329 years ago


halo12329 years ago
To see my version of the Tec 9, go on youtube and type in ``Knex tec 9 clubpenguinhaka`` without the quotes.


Mepain10 years ago
darth acexxacer (author)  Mepain9 years ago
how about now?
It's ok.. Definitely better then before. I wouldn't mind if ya post it.
darth acexxacer (author)  Mepain9 years ago
i might change the handle
darth acexxacer (author)  Mepain10 years ago
why do you say that?
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