teflon ( ptfe ) tape melting how to

I am looking for a viable way to melt some teflon tape so to form a sort of spiraled tube .
I am thinking of wrapping it around a steel tube and heating the tube up to 600 °F  or such .
How should I heat the steel tube so to melt the teflon not  permanently bonding it (teflon) to the tube surface ?

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lemonie7 years ago
It tends to decompose when you get it that hot, and in also considering what it might cost you in tape you're probably best buying some.
(It's not really a melty-polymer)


gabdab (author)  lemonie7 years ago
I think it would be far cheaper to make it as described in the picture as it would be thinner (should fit inside a pvc tube when completed) .
As I intend to make a liquid light guide I need only the particoular IR of teflon ,not temp or abrasion resistance.
I guess I should look into inductors for heating pourposes.

lemonie gabdab7 years ago
It doesn't form that easily, and if you do attempt that temperature be sure to vent the area.
I find www.altecweb.com/ offering PTFE tubes by the metre (I don't know whether that would suit you)
Good luck anyway.

gabdab (author)  lemonie7 years ago
I 'll take care to vent the area as it produces toxic fumes at high temperatures.
I spotted that site from your previous url, sounds good enough.
P.S: I found this explaining how a inductance heater might work:
Jayefuu gabdab7 years ago
He he that website's so 90s!
lemonie Jayefuu7 years ago
Oh yes. I guess somethings just don't get updated?

gabdab (author)  Jayefuu7 years ago