I accidentally invented a device to collimate any light source into a concentrated beam... what should I do with it?

I've been umming and ahhing about what to do with this for the couple of weeks since I accidentally invented the thing (I was working on a solar energy device), and I thought you guys may be your usual well-spring of help and advice. Basically I seem to have designed a device which will collimate an extended light source. Any light source. So you could, for example, turn a 100 Watt light bulb into a 100 Watt laser. Or a square meter of sunlight into a kiloWatt. I haven't made it, but simming on the computer gives an optimal blow out rate of about 1/2 meters per kilometer, so over a range of meters or tens of meters it's pretty much as accurate as a normal laser. The only upper limit I can see on how much power you could put through this thing is when the materials start melting, which would probably be pretty high. There's really nothing fancy about it, it's just a shape. You could print it out easily on a 3d printer and fill it with some kind of settable glass for the total-internal-reflection. It would weigh about as much as a 2 litre bottle of water and be about the same size. I was concerned about it being weaponisable, but even at a kiloWatt the lethal range would probably be less than 100 meters, in which case you might as well just get a gun. I don't know if anyone's already done something like this, I can't find anything online, and people kept telling me it was supposed to be impossible. So, um, yeah...

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daved86 months ago

Already done. It's called a "lens". In other news I invented a device to make almost any object literally frictionless on a flat surface. ... what should I do with it?

It's a rigid sheet with two horizontal cylinders under it placed side by side and you put the thing you want transported on top of the rigid sheet. I can't find anything online, and people keep telling me such a thing is impossible. So, um, yeah...

freemerk daved85 months ago

How come? Is your invention like a sled with cilindrical blades?

no, I was being ironic. What he descibed was a lens. What I described is one of the oldest devices in the world, a sledge with 2 rollers.

JohnathanW156 months ago

not an expert but I seem to remember from college astronomy lab and diy flash light builders forms that the moment you add mirror or lens you have losses. so claiming a 100watt light will be a 100watt laser makes you sound like a bit of a nut. also, i hope 8 years after you are posting this all lights you have are consuming something more like 5-20 watts if no get some LEDS bro

DeannaB321 year ago

What if you use microwaves to slow down the light?

How does light slow down light??

You get two single photon light beams very close to each other.
And if you are lucky enough they become interested in each other and form a relationship.
Just not sure where to find a male and a female beam of similar age....

I hear dissimilar ages are more accepted in germany

MikeT2496 months ago

Hi, am keen to hear if you have come closer to building a prototype or getting a patent? It would be a nice trick to build a 3D cutter of sorts.

RickV4611 months ago

I need something like this for my light show! Care to tell me more?

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