Test yourself for Aspergers Syndrome

Aspergers Syndrome has only been recognized since about 1995, we call ourselves Aspies.

Try this test http://www.rdos.net/eng/ make sure you follow the instructions the results will only survive for an hour, so download them ASAP, the picture (a pie graph) or Aspie-Rating-Picture (ARP) and final score, you can chose to show to people, but the questions and answers are very personal, keep those to yourself.

I plan to put my ARP here, that is something us Aspies enjoy displaying, something to be proud of, I hope that other Aspie group members put theirs on.

Your Aspie score: 181 of 200
Your neurotypical (non-autistic) score: 28 of 200
You are very likely an Aspie

It is possible to cheat to get a high score on the ARP, so I am thinking that ARPs can be voted off by members if members find the ARP unbelievable when comparing the member's ARP with said member's profile and activities on Instructables.

Aspies don't practice discrimination, so even if you don't have Aspergers Syndrome, consider yourself as a honorary Aspie and sign up anyway.



A free for all, discussion on self analysis of your test picture (a pie graph) or Aspie-Rating-Picture (ARP) and final score

Another link for Aspies is http://www.psychforums.com. I will dig out more shortly, I have list somewhere, but that one was not it I recall.

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Abtoddler 1 year ago

my score was 180 out of 200, with a neuro typical score of 34. It said "I am very likely neuro diverse". This was the last straw after a major shutdown that prompted me to go talk to my doctor about getting scheduled for a formal assessment.

Gremlin721 year ago

Your neurodiverse (Aspie) score: 142 of 200

Your neurotypical (non-autistic) score: 91 of 200

AnnieC11 year ago

hi, this is my result from one year ago. I did not know text came with it for explanation. I'm not sure how to translate the middle sections between typical and atypical.

LOVESY0U1 year ago
michiri.2 years ago

I really doubt the accuracy of this test since Its author even uses the wrong term: The opposite of "neurotypical" should be "neurodivergent," not "neurodiverse." People diverse but a minority called "neurominority people" are neurodivergent. See the meaning and uses of related terminology here: http://neurocosmopolitanism.com/neurodiversity-some-basic-terms-definitions/

KimberlyH312 years ago

I'm 23yrs. old, and my lack of relationships (outside of my Family) has finally come to it's head. I've had 3 friends my entire life, and none has lasted more than 1.5 years. Two left me, and I'm being forced to leave the other. I had what they'd call, "a moment of clarity" two days ago, and I've been doing my research, have taken the test. I've even taken it twice.

I'm having a horrible sinking feeling right about now...

[The Right is the first try, the Left is the second.]

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TamraP2 years ago

ASPIE score 122 of 200

Nom- autistic score 76 of 200

Please read and anything would help

I'm 24, female and this all feels awkward but I need help understanding myself because the world around sure doesnt. Born very premature ,Broken/ beyond dysfunctional home, hate germs&clutter, had stutter so server that as a 3 yr I could tell ppl were annoyed/disappointed so I didn't start trying to speak till I broke silence to go off on a rude classmate (still stuttering but articulate) mentioned in my I.E.P. speak therapy and British Literature fixed stutter though. Father mostly absent, lived/took care of my manic mother that loved but also didnt exactly know what world wanted and suffered severe migraine headaches(as do I). No friends really my age, adults, teachers and dogs were my friend.no sense of time, filter, or intuition of others expectations.

Graduated high school without Special services, A.P. and honor roll courses with 3.7 overall GPA. Went to 4highschools and then dropped out and went into home studies because I could not deal with disrespect from peers & teacher on top of feeling weird as I do.

mother was bipolar/very suicidal/ cold/ blaming or hating towards basically everyone. Father very hyper, disorganzied, collects(hoards i believe), never grew up, doesnt think before speaking-acting, cant finish tasks, or put in chronological order/ prioritize anything. Both parents highly intelligent in all the wrong ways. Both were also addicts that had good opportunity but chose to cope poorly). I raised myself and 2 half siblings (who were adopted early on) and I went to live with them after mother passed to walk into a Cinderella story...just no glass slipper/happy ending. I put myself into the foster system because the verbal abused, lies, slandering and keep away became unbarable and I worried I'd make life even worse.

Ihave no goals or plans set decision/outlook to the future. I have no idea of hobbie or likes. I crawl out of my skin with ppl that have clutter and sense dust collecting stuff. Espically when disorganized. When I speak to a person I prefer it in person but then I feel I'm being looked at like I have a booger on my face...very uncomfortable. Please help me understand what is expected or acceptable. I am called negative, dramatic, angry , repetitive, over analyze. I just think I'm a realist, a survivor , that is sensitive and overly eager to please others.

I'd rather research and gather all knowledge then to allow another over priced person force anti depressants & sleeping pills down my throat that do the polar opposite of what they are intended for.
Please...any & all resources and theories would help....
TamraP2 years ago
KatieA72 years ago


this is my daughters test but im not sure what it means

Your neurodiverse (Aspie) score: 95 of 200

Your neurotypical (non-autistic) score: 110 of 200

You seem to have both neurodiverse and neurotypical traits

Really interesting

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