the american form of government

this a pretty informitive video

Picture of the american form of government
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seandogue7 years ago
That, in my opinion, is one beautiful video. I just wish I could force a few people I know to watch it.
@sean - forcing other people to do things is totaltarianism.
lol....If you knew them you might feel the same, totalitarianism or not.
This video is terrible anyways.
Ah...Ok, you're entitled to your opinion I suppose. I see from your profile that you're just a child. I suppose I should expect those sorts of comments from you. You're naive (that means ignorant, or, in plainer terms, un-educated), so I guess comments like yours are to be expected. I'd suggest that you get a proper education on the topic before you comment on topics that are beyond your educational or conceptual scope. Further, you aren't even American, so it really doesn't involve or apply to you, now does it? (that's what's called a rhetorical question, which means that I neither desire, nor intend for you to reply)
OUCH! thats got to hurt! sean, dude, try not to be sooo patronizing to others, remember rules #3-9!
Bad mood rising... patience @ 2.8%
No coffee this morning, I suspect?
Wait, so in a Republic, unless every one declares the *gun man* guilty, he goes free?
wenpherd (author)  Rock Soldier7 years ago
after they have heard evidance from the witnesses, and what if the "gunman" is inocent and all but one of the linchmen just want to see a hanging? that is a democrocy.
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