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ok, i spam too much on ibles and so do a few others. so i created THIS! this topic is supposed to receive all the spam that you feel like posting on ibles. Only 4 rules exist on this topic 1. every comment here MUST be spam 2. nothing offensive here 3. do not flag any comment here unless it is offensive 4. NO spam anywhere outside of this topic so, SPAM AWAY! to start off, i am going to put a few spam pictures here

Picture of the forum for spam
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zascecs7 years ago
Click HERE to win $100!!!! 
Wow, thanks for that link, I actually won a hundread bucks! :P
Damn, you're lucky; they first told me to go to a dark alleyway in the middle of the night in a big city.... ...and it all went down from there...=(
did i win>>>///????!?!?!!?!?!?!

(H3(|< Y0uR B4Nk 4((0uNt... 

uU 5HuUD ( 4 (H4n63
why do i know how to read that?
You do? I barely can, lol... 
roflcopter lolbbqwtfrofl
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