the good ol knex days

i remeber when there used to be only 2 knex instructables the knex semi auto and the knex basic cannon

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TigerNod8 years ago
I think everyone agrees with that. And sometimes, I wonder what those knex noobs are thinking when they post their crap guns. Just like TheDunkis I came here quite late, I belive it was somewhere in juni '08. I was searching for an image for GDI Zonetrooper's gun and I saw a weird gun made from... Knex! I looked closely and checked out other things on the site, and it was vey fun to see! So I looked for my Knex and started building again. My first gun was a small 4 shot gattling gun that did not worked. My first working gun was a stupid block trigger. But for me it was amazing, though it only reaced 1 meter! My first gun that I made without any help was flimsy, huge and could not even shoot, but it looked sooooo awesome! Then I built my SPACSAILS, and so on. In the future, I hope to see more knex ibles that are not related to guns, or to really cool ones. I also hope to see Ibles related to games, with C&C, Imperium Galactica and Halo in paricular.
TheDunkis9 years ago
I'm sure those were the good ol' knex days for everyone including nonknexers...because we didn't flood instructables with noobs guns then. Well I came here late I think I first saw this site around last Dec and joined I think either Jan or Feb. It first started when a new kid came to our school that joined our social group. He made these awesome pen shooters that had great strength (i'm hoping to replicate this design in knex) a knex rod could fit in there perfectly and get good distance but still obviously not as powerful as a sniper here. Well he had quite a few and was selling them and made a good profit. I searched the internet for somethign similar but better so that I could make a quick easy profit. Eventually it dragged me to you tube which showed me lego guns and then that dragged me into knex guns. I thought it was awesome how you could construct something to shoot projectiles with knex and I had a few pieces laying around so I made some small ones. I got dragged here after searching some more, got more knex, and now I'm a regualr here that most of you know...I hope. Well knex certainly took off after if first started here.
crestind10 years ago
I'm sure quite a number of people at Instructables think so as well, although in a different sense. Yes, yournamehere's first two K'nex posts. One day I randomly thought, "Hey, why don't I Google 'knex gun'?" And before I knew it, I was addicted to Instructables.
no way! me to(of corse i did that after i saw the knexacater on youtube)
I did exactly the same thing!
same here
Woot! i join the club
knexgunz9610 years ago
yea I wasnt a member then
Kaiven10 years ago
i was here when there were.... 30 knex guns? time flies sooooo fast....we're already trying to engineer semi auto guns :D
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