the new knex- good or bad?

recently after visiting a toy shop I noticed a strange new range of kits made of knex. they featured lego-like bricks and panels. so I guess the question is... whats going on and do we like them? please feel free to leave your views and comments.

Picture of the new knex- good or bad?
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sprout_less8 years ago
They suck its just a copy of lego
Sprout_less, I totally agree with you. Even all knex fans who hate the micro parts and bricks should listen to this. If you want knex to stop making dumb parts, then try to email knex. Their email address is..........
Oh and by the way, I support the old knex pieces. And please check out my profile to see my instructables and slideshows. And please suscribe to me. :)
09229977 years ago
The bricks are taking over. I just bought the 550 piece K'nex value tub and it's half bricks. Out of 550 pieces, 66 are 2x4 bricks. This is what you get if you stack together all the 2x4 bricks from just the 550 piece value tub alone:
Photo on 2010-10-29 at 14.42.jpg
you must buy as many normal knex off ebay before everything is only bricks and micro

(sorry my english is xtremely bad i'm from holland)<:-(
Yeah its annoying.
Its like knex trying to be lego
And for anyone small enough to be interested in mini knex, it would have an extreme choking hazard, one of the rods could easily be breathed in. And on the other side of things, kids older, like us have no use for the silly pieces, as can be seen by these comments. You would think that if knex would try to branch of into a new business, like the mini/bricks, they would only test small quanities to test popularity, while keeping the proven product in production, instead of diving face first into a new business venture, and nearly stopping production of the proven design. Maybe it is possible to make a mold and to melt the mini knex down...
Dood..... You should have waited for it to be 2 years.
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