the new shotgun on the block -EDIT-

Ok guys I sorry about not getting the pictures up but I do have an explanation.
the picture shown was taken with my father's camera as I still cannot find the charging cable for mine. He "needs" his camera for work so I must wait indefinitely until I can "borrow" it to get some more pictures
Modern Warfare 2 confiscated?
No computer or tv until 4 o'clock?

what am I supposed to do?

Well here's the result of about 3 hours of boredom. Its a single shot shotgun that fires shells, however these shells are a red rod long and hold 3 white rods, plus reloading takes less than 10 seconds with a bit of practice. Range isn't too impressive, roughly 5 metres for 3 white rods and up to about 10 for a yellow. 

More pictures will be up once I have finished exams on Friday this week, 

45º handles FTL!!!

Picture of the new shotgun on the block  -EDIT-
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An Villain6 years ago
Confiscating MW2? That's not a punishment, they're doing you a favor. Nice gun though.
DJ Radio7 years ago
So I'm in the process of making a gun, that also has a custom angled handle. It's not like yours, it's got a less steep angle, but yet it's not 45 degrees. What would you think/
Fred the Penguin (author)  DJ Radio7 years ago
custom handles aren't really that hard to make, but good on you for doing something different to 98% of guns out there
its sunday were are the pics
~KGB~7 years ago
lol, "needs" "borrow"
MrSillyGuns7 years ago
u have to post this cause if u dont then ur a mean person and never deserve to have a lover. XD
or just give a few pics about the inside of the gun, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MegaMetal87 years ago
That's amazing
its friday were are the pics
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