the evil of you tube

gah look how much cpu and net traffic uploadig a vid on the tube makes! help

Picture of the  evil of you tube
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LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
Umm, a windows user talking about evil....... Ummm, ok, whatever
thanks to microsoft we have cheap pcs to run linux on thanks to microsoft windows vista - in the above statement cheap means free (in the trash) and pcs mean pentium 4s microsoft is really not that evil. i'd flame more at apple and google and holywood
But I like my apple! (and google)
maker12 (author)  LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
god please give me linux with whine the progam and a pespi max!
Theres a six year old beside me whos (yes I know the E shouldnt be there)
. <snicker>
. Have you tried OpenSolaris, yet? I d/l'd the LiveCD earlier today, but haven't gotten around to trying it out. Looks interesting.
not yet. Maybe i will download it tomorrow. Tell me how it is when you try
. I couldn't get it to run from the CD, but I did manage to get it running using VirtualBox. Nothing that really impressed me, but I didn't take the time to give it anything but a superficial look.
maker12 (author) 9 years ago
i like knoppix and now gonna use free dos linux :_) too!
Derin9 years ago
mine is worse,runs over %50 all the time and MAN I USE MY WHOLE 1024M RAM
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