thumbnails won't enlarge

when i click in the thumbnails in any instructable nothing happens.
the same thing happens on my pc and mac. both are running firefox

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mikeasaurus5 years ago
We rolled back the release we pushed out recently.
Disabling Adblock plus on instructables has fixed the issue. So I am now in business. Thanks for the help guys.
leendertbob5 years ago
I will NOT disable the restrictions on this PC for the Instrucables website.
I cannot because it is not my PC.
I enjoyed this website but will have to do without it, a pity.
Spokehedz5 years ago
Disabled Adblock for just and images work. What changed within the last couple of weeks?
ouss765 years ago
same problem with FF 10.0.1 with AdBlockPlus and CSlite.
disabling ABP and allowing "" and "" in CSlite all return to normal.

in fact if now we have to disable our security options to be able to use this site it isn't something nice (my 2cent)
Kiteman ouss765 years ago
Are you sure you had to fiddle with CSlite? Altering ABP was all I needed to do.
ouss76 Kiteman5 years ago
yes if i only disable ABP, i can't see other pics than the first one in a thumbnail.
same here. I run NoScript and have to enable scripting from doubleclick and googleadservices in order to enlarge the other images. No way I'm leaving either of those enabled.
I thought I'd better explain my stance on third party scripting. Basically, I don't trust it. It can be hijacked far too easily. In this case, blocking googleadservices also blocks doubleclick... so doubleclick code is being brought into the instructables page through googleadservices code. why are 2 ad services involved with showing the larger version of an image?
Exactly. Don't surf without protection.
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