time bomb

Guys i got an idea but dont have the resources. i was wondering if we could join a nichrome wire to the wires that connect to the speaker of an alarm clock ,dat way we could fix the time when we want the wire too burn and thus putting a simple cracker near the contraption would give us a timebomb.any one interested in collaborating in such an instructable pleasecontact me. thank you

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blckthng (author) 8 years ago
thats a lot of comments but like i said i was just wondering so any ideas or fixes are open. as per the purpose -my english teacher gave me a challenge, she said a 14 year old can never design a timebomb so dats y.
VIRON blckthng8 years ago
Just bring an alarm clock to english class. The bomb squad will blow it up, and you and your teacher go to jail.
blckthng (author)  VIRON8 years ago
dat was the one most lamest excuse for a comment i have heard
 Most lamest? Grammar mistake.
 Try TATP acetone peroxide.
joshkyriss8 years ago
set the alarm for like 6:00 and wait!!!
joshkyriss8 years ago
you would need like a blasting cap. you could hook it up where the buzzer used to be. the charge of electricity would activate it
Goodhart8 years ago
You need a bit of amperage to heat a nichrome wire anyways. I doubt you would get that from a speaker.
Even the fine wire encased in a flashbulb needs a bit of Umph to ignite it (which is why they charge a capacitor to use a flash).
Well it always worked for me(well the flash light bulb did anyway). I never tried it in the application that blckthng's suggests, never had a need to build a time bomb to be honest lol, I quit pyro last year anyway, I like playing on me X-box to much to go accidently blowing one of my hands off, haha quite sensible really.
blckthng (author)  Mr Slippy Fist8 years ago
Well I already stated the reason, but if it isnt possible I think I'm ready to give up. I tried it with the christmas lights but they fail to ignite anything.
Don't give up, your proberbly just doing it wrong, or I'm explaining it wrong, it's not easy to explain anything when typing over a forum. I was making P.E from KClO3/vasaline with HMTD dets when I was 13, I didn't get it right immediately, took a while, and even then it weren't brilliant, done well though considering I never had access to the internet, you do, try researching it a wee bit before you just give up and throw your tools down.
You can salvage nichrome wire form an old toaster I believe, although I'm not sure I've never used it, when I was younger I used to use fine strands of wire wool(which by the way is'ent terribly reliable). When using a timer(travel alarm clock, whatever)instead of using nichrome, try using a small flash light bulb or X-mas tree light, as I don't think they use that much amperage, all you do is make a small hole in the tip of the bulb with a nail file then fill it with your ignition powder(NaClo3/suger, match heads,whatever).Having said that I'm no electrician.
blckthng (author)  Mr Slippy Fist8 years ago
If im not wrong, Bulbs are kep in vaccume or some specefic gas, So if we file the top of the bulb, will the bulb still glow?
no the bulb will not glow, the little wire element inside the bulb will however get white hot briefly when current is passed through, enough to ignite you powder. theirs lots of alternatives to using an alarm clock, you could use the old clothes peg/solder wire delay, and theirs loads of different chemical delays.
blckthng (author) 8 years ago
sorry to everyone, i guess i did ingored most of the points kiteman refered to. But please lets get back to the post. + Does someone have any alternative to the alarm clock?
blckthng (author) 8 years ago
dude can u type dat down in english for everyone to understand? lol its a good idea but ur idea is sumwhat the same as mine. All i want to noe now is if we can mod the clock to allow its battery to burn the nichrome wire or is there any other wire that burns at a much lower temperature?
Can you type in English that everyone can understand?
As Goodharts said; The amperage is just too low. The difference between my idea and your idea is that yours uses the power source used to power a low amp speaker. Good luck with your project though.
sugg228 years ago
good concept, but I have a super easy way. you take a cooking timer, and take a long handled match to the knob. you set up sand paper parallel to the time marker that you want it to go off at, and then put your explosive right next to the sandpaper so that when the match lights, you get your explosion.
or you could just not build a time bomb. time bombs are not conducive to "boys being boys" blowing things up. time bombs are pourposed to be placed to hurt people or things with the maker not around to set it off.
well, i've used my design for smoke and explosions for backyard movies
wouldn't a trigger device be a lot safer and better for timing?
probably, but this i a hell of a lot cheaper than any trigger or remote device i've seen
Goodhart sugg228 years ago
Do you mean like a 555, or maybe a low voltage CMOS Schmitt trigger ?
harlostatus8 years ago
wut if u were 2 build one of those detonators and rig it so that when the clock goes off it pushes the button, then you wouldn't have to worry about the amperage of the clock, or you hooked and electric trip stich so when it went off it would trigger the detonator attached to the wire
PocketSized8 years ago
Although I don't feel entirely comfortable giving you the answer in full to such a question (not that it's not easy enough to figure out) I will give you a simplified alternative to your purposed idea.

Taken down to it's most basic form the type of 'trigger mechanism' you would need to make this proof-of-concept for your teacher is simply to have something close a switch that is connected in series to a battery and nichrome wire.

The mechanical nature of analog clocks provide the perfect force to close your switch...

That's all I'm going to say =]
I have been thinking about the same thing lately. I would love to give it a go. Anyone know a good source for nichrowire?