time bomb

Guys i got an idea but dont have the resources. i was wondering if we could join a nichrome wire to the wires that connect to the speaker of an alarm clock ,dat way we could fix the time when we want the wire too burn and thus putting a simple cracker near the contraption would give us a timebomb.any one interested in collaborating in such an instructable pleasecontact me. thank you

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blckthng (author) 9 years ago
thats a lot of comments but like i said i was just wondering so any ideas or fixes are open. as per the purpose -my english teacher gave me a challenge, she said a 14 year old can never design a timebomb so dats y.
VIRON blckthng9 years ago
Just bring an alarm clock to english class. The bomb squad will blow it up, and you and your teacher go to jail.
blckthng (author)  VIRON9 years ago
dat was the one most lamest excuse for a comment i have heard
 Most lamest? Grammar mistake.
 Try TATP acetone peroxide.
joshkyriss9 years ago
set the alarm for like 6:00 and wait!!!
joshkyriss9 years ago
you would need like a blasting cap. you could hook it up where the buzzer used to be. the charge of electricity would activate it
Goodhart9 years ago
You need a bit of amperage to heat a nichrome wire anyways. I doubt you would get that from a speaker.
Even the fine wire encased in a flashbulb needs a bit of Umph to ignite it (which is why they charge a capacitor to use a flash).
Well it always worked for me(well the flash light bulb did anyway). I never tried it in the application that blckthng's suggests, never had a need to build a time bomb to be honest lol, I quit pyro last year anyway, I like playing on me X-box to much to go accidently blowing one of my hands off, haha quite sensible really.
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