time travel

I heard on the radio today that TIME TRAVEL was possible. Itll only set you back 10 trillon $. You can only go forward in time but then you can go back if they make one that can go back in time in the future. (like mysterio) ooooooo-weeeeee-oooooooo edit:better grammer and puncuation and cool sound effect.

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I've never been big on time travel. I figure most people would spend so much time going back and trying to change things that they'd make themselves miserable and end up with a life that didn't make any sense. Teleportation, though... that's what I want!
Someone's seen Jumper then?
Yes! Great movie.
ich bin ein pyro (author)  jessyratfink9 years ago
but you could do teleportation with time travel. jump in the future about, 2 seconds and your there!
ry259209 years ago
It is possible, but the amount of power need is equivilent to the total of all US power use for a year. A.K.A. a million- kagillion watts
You'll need a Delorian and 1.7 gigawatts.
And plutonium! And a flux capacitor! Ah, hahaha
I'll drive! =P
1.21 gigawatts
Laserman5957 years ago
well I dont know about actual time travaling but pauseing time might be possoble if  you moved fast enough with a little help you could pause time relitive to yourself. And if you moved even faster you might either go forwards or backwords in time.
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