timed detonator

Ok, I LOVE airsoft, as many do. I wanted to make a time bomb detonator for different missions, where we could set the time and your squad would have to get there and disarm it. All it would do if we didn't make it in time is set off a smoke bomb. That way everyone would know the game was over. but I do not know where to get a battery powered alarm clock. (the dollar store doesn't sell them) does anyone know where to get one?

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It's easy to make one with an egg timer. Heck, i think there's even an instructable on it.
Jordo (author) 9 years ago
well, this isn't a sprint to the "bomb". There are many different scenarios we could do, one is that the terrorist team, has a key, the counter terrorists have to infiltrate the enemy base, get the key from one of the terrorists, bring it to the bomb and disarm it. (of course for this I will install a key switch) The terrorist team has to protect the guy with the key and either wait out the time limit for the bomb or eliminate the counter terrorists. and for the analog wrist watch, I sorta did something like that with an egg timer, it was chunky, and was not very reliable.
You could always use a cheap analog(wrist) watch. You wire it up so the rotateing hands complete a circuit and fire your smoke bomb or air horn or whatever.
hmmm i smell cover for terrorisim >.< but with a timer you might also want something like a target that would stop the timer if you put a timer in its not really airsoft its just sprinting. have fun pyro-
Jordo (author) 9 years ago
lol, never thought of a digital timer. ok, I'll try that, but I would like oe with a bigger screen.
tech-king9 years ago
why do so many people want to make ieds and their timers on this site? a kitchen timer works well, but buy one with a buzzer, not a bell.
guyfrom7up9 years ago
Use a kitchen timer