today at school

i was pushed down the stairs, and it hurt, so i told the principal, and then i went to class and got in trouble cause i didnt have a note, isnt that messed up? oh yeah, i put a little diy amp i found in my shed on my bike with 4" 10watt pioneer speakers, it sounds really good, not the best but when you cant hear people going around you on the bike trail, it scares the hell out of me when they zoom past, still its pretty kool and has pretty good bass

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Sunbanks9 years ago
I usually just fall down the stairs without anyone pushing me....
lol i have yet to fall down the stairs at my school.
I also fall up the stairs...
Me too :/
Today at our track meet I almost fell down the bleachers three different times in 10 seconds.
That's terrible and also hilarious!
Probably didn't help that I had my track spikes on though...
hmm. free energy!!
I think one stair is off in my school because I have tripped up the stairs on it 8-10 times this year..... :( I could just be clumsy, but......I'd rather a physical defect in the school. :)
I have yet to trip on stairs in schools

but what I do find realing annoying is the really shallow long stairs. IF you go one at a time you go really slow. If you go 2 at a time you look like a dork and it's not very comfortable.

one a seperate note I did trip once on a tiny tiny ridge inbetween doors (almost unnoticable, like a 1mm difference in layers) at school. My friend was like "how the f*** do you trip on that?"
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