top thrill dragster complete video and pictures.

top thrill dragster completed.

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Nice coaster! Hey, but I bet the whole community want to own a copy (that includes me). So maybe you could make an Instructable for this coaster (the best in the world). O, yay I almost forgot, if you want to own one then REPLY to this comment. Then we can see how many people say this is so good that they want their own copy. Is that OK?
this coaster uses an insane amount of pieces! I hardly think any person other than me or some people on
So? I have TOUSANDS of pieces! This would be really cool to own!
it's almost impossible t make an instructable for a knex thing this big. you just ave to build for yourself. you cna make a knex coaster if oyu have a lot of knex.
OK, so maybe you could send me pic of the supports and stuff and I can copy it (don't have to take it apart or build a different one. :))
I don't still have it built :P lol
You mean you tore it down, right?
yeah. Just build your own I did you can too. you'll feel a lot better inside also.
man, i dont know how to make coasters like that. :(
Just start small build some supports and track. Make a lift hill then make a drop do a loop or something do you have any screamin serpents?
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