top thrill dragster

here is my newest roller coaster top thrill dragster I'm making it as close to the real thing as possible meaning I'm doing the theming just like the real one that includes making the supports tubular.

the test vid!!!

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not as good as your others
this was an earlier coaster but I still did a great job with it. Just a kinda boring layout.
DJ Radio8 years ago
jollex DJ Radio8 years ago
Do you really think he's gonna take the time to post his coaster, or that anyone has enough pieces to actually build it?
DJ Radio jollex8 years ago
yes, people can build it.
jollex DJ Radio8 years ago
Most of the people don't have enough tubing or green track connector things.
Kiteman jollex8 years ago
I don't have any K'NEX, but I would still like to know how he did it, and see a video of it running. That's an impressive build.
Bartboy Kiteman8 years ago
you really should buy even just a small set, because I am sure that kitekid 1 and 2 would be interested. (Well Im pretty sure they would)
Kiteman Bartboy8 years ago
I did get a set, but the boys' reaction was meh and then they returned to their Lego.
i used to be a lego master. i still have countless boxes of old lego parts from 2000. some of the parts i have are rare and exclusive
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