toxic copper fumes

i have made a tabacco pipe out of a brass bowl and a copper pipe that fits into the bowl. i have heard that copper gives off toxic fumes. will it do so if it is burning in the brass?

PKM8 years ago
A brass bowl? Heating brass (which contains zinc) can give off zinc oxide, which is (as far as I know) the primary cause of "welding fever". The smoke probably won't be hot enough to make the copper release much bad (again IANA metallurgist so someone more knowledgable please correct me if this isn't true) but I would worry about the brass bowl. There is a reason pipe bowls are usually made from wood or clay, or more modern ones from stainless steel.
lemonie8 years ago
It's not going to get hot enough. Worry about the tobacco-smoke if you're going to worry about anything. L
REA8 years ago
as long as no flames or hot materials touch the copper it should be fine. but dont trust me entirely.