true semi-auto (nearly) final version

This is the current version of my semi automatic K'nex gun. I probably won't change much unless I run into a big problem. The only real problem now is that the magazine isn't perfect, but that's pretty hard anyway. It works like the prototype I posted a topic about a few days ago ( I deleted that, didn't want 2 topics on the same gun ) So that means by clipping the trigger onto the firing pin. When you pull the trigger it pulls the pin back and then lets go near the end of it's travel distance. Then the trigger shoots back into place again ( if you let it shoot, you can't keep your finger on the trigger at all times ). The only thing about this that I copied 100% is Perfect Duck's handle. I'm really lazy with handles, so credit for that goes to him. I also used decapitated grey connectors in the barrel like on his guns. It shoots blue rods.I can put at least 2 thick rubberbands on it ( I only have 2 left, don't know exactly how much power it can take ), so it can support quite some power. It won't shoot very far because of the friction though. But I think it's respectable considering it's a semi-auto. P.S. I know the picture is bad, I always tend to build these things in the evening so the lighting is pretty bad when I take a pic.

Picture of true semi-auto (nearly) final version
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Dutchj (author) 10 years ago
Remind me to post this next weekend. I can't do it right now because I have a lot of school stuff going on, but I have autumn break next week so I'll probably post it on saturday. I don't know if Mepain added anything new to it, but I'm quite happy about my current version.
Kaiven10 years ago
i don't see how this is semi auto matic.... maybe ppump action.. the reason why is because after i fire, the rod doesn't reclick back in place. How do i get it to go backward?
Dutchj (author)  Kaiven10 years ago
After you fire, you need to let the trigger shoot back, you can't keep your finger on the trigger. If I wanted it to automaticly click back on without letting it go, it would be extremely weak. And yes there are 5 blue spacers, or 1 grey and 2 blue spacers on the ram in this version. I currently have a version that's a little different so it's more reliable and a little les powerfull.
Kaiven Dutchj10 years ago
hmm... well, i guess i'll have to wawit for you to post it lol Good job :)
Kaiven Kaiven10 years ago
oh, are there spacers on the ram? i built the updated one from october 6...or is that outdated?
Drewzer66710 years ago
beat you too it! (srry for typo last time, only t of beat showed up!lol)
Dutchj (author)  Drewzer66710 years ago
You didn't beat me to anything, you used You's prototype to create your semi-auto.
Drewzer667 Dutchj10 years ago
ive never seen yous prototype, and i made it around 2 years ago. i kept it cause it was cool. just started to mod it though.and just started account
Dutchj (author)  Drewzer66710 years ago
Aw well, at least your's works the same as You's. And this one works very differently.
Drewzer667 Dutchj10 years ago
well id doesnt really matter if they work different, because they are semi auto. i like your gun, looks better than my handgun lol
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