turbines and free energy

I seriously need to know this question is it just more or does anyone else realize that you can get pure free energy using simple turbines and 2 other sources of energy in sequence if anyone can answer it ill say if they are right or wrong and if no one says the right answer ill just say it loud and clear so people can start saving the bundles of money that the power companies like to drain from us

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the us patent office is "over run" by idiots who can't fully understand the physical laws they preach. like the 17 known PM devices already in existence, let alone the fact all things in the universe great and small, from heavenly body's to the smallest particles yet perceived, "are in motion". mostly unobserved, ridiculed and covered up by Illuminati NWO,Vatican. these are the exact same idiots in control of the US military industrial complex, northern contingent armies and even the white house. they live among us and even sit in church beside you, if they witness right doctrine,truth,liberty,justice, they ensue to remove leadership,ownership,ability. by fear,death threat or even buy-out.. Don't let the nay sayer's discourage your work. be of great courage and continue the fight. "we have nothing to fear but fear" we die anyway, we die still miserable if we don't! the rest should be "constructive" to either help in the work or at least build a wall between us.

"the 17 known PM devices already in existence"

As they say; [citation needed].

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

That sounds like you had a patent turned down for being infeasible. It must have been bad, since I know of a man who managed to get a patent for a faster-than-light spacecraft powered by a 9V battery...

That answer,My answer is YES I do "realize" it. I am in the act of making it "real", everyday!

as an aside, when you can win physics the debate and show public proof to the nay sayer's, pop culture's top paid tv scientist,"brilliant minds" and serve them up some "free lunch", serve it cold!

they stop wanting to debate, nay-say or discredit your work... they then want to publicly proclaim you as "delusional", steal your prototypes instill fear in you. I know how to defeat that also, let them know you have dispersed many prototypes!

in truth, it does exist, "they" wont let the world have it, chase bank can't stay rich & in control with you having it. this is the brink,the presifice, the place where humanity either rises to the occasion or they submit to the control. like I said, we all die some way, I refuse to stay miserable.

Great ! Show your proof, or this is all woo-woo.


I see a lot of accusations there, but no actual facts. There is no "debate" about free energy, it simply cannot exist, and every single device subjected to proper examination has proven to either be a case of bad metering, poor maths, or outright fraud.

No prototypes have ever been stolen (not counting any devices stolen for scrap metal value), no free energy proponents have ever been "terrorised", or subjected to any more ridicule than they deserve.

Vyger4 years ago
As entertaining as this might be there is one absolute flaw in your plan. No patent office will issue you a patent. As a matter of policy perpetual motion devices are not considered for patents. Therefore even if it were to work there would be no profit in it at all and so there is no point in pursuing it.
maskofdarkness22 (author) 4 years ago
sorry haven't been on or able to work but half of what i had with me in the other hospital was stolen before my dad or brother could get in the building to get my things including my most recent invention book the only thing i still have from it is the first page and not even because its a picture i took of the first page demonstrating a theoretical warp engine if anyone would like to see that i can i'm still trying to get replacement equipment for working on this invention for power it's been difficult starting from scratch as well as i am trying to get my original designs from storage not easy when all my things are in my moms attic and too much of a problem to go into and a bit personal lets just say moms violent and parents are divorced so my brothers the only who can get my things unfortonately he works for the state and because all the damage from the storm hes been too busy to help get what i need
lemonie4 years ago
I don't know what you're talking about.
Do you what you're talking enough about to explain yourself more clearly?

He he
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