uhhhhh....... HOLY footballstoner(?)!!!!!

okay. i just got back from a vacation yesterday, and u will NEVER beleive what happened to me. so, here i am, hiking, minding my own business. when suddenly, a gray wolf, TACKLED ME! but, it never attacked me!!! instead, it stared into my eyes, and after what seemed like forever, but was only 1 minute, it got off me, gestured to me with its head. it led me to an odd cave. in it, i saw a large patch of light... and i figured "eh, what the hell's the worst that can happen?", so i stepped into it, with the wolf beside me. then, well even though u guys aremt gonna believe me, i saw something. i saw me, a long time from now, living with pet wolves. and i was actually happy. then after that i was back home. odd, idnit??

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Next time lay off the acid.
That's a very good idea. 
That would be so on base.
Although I am neutral on the topic.
Don't be so reactive.
There is a solution to this.
There have been some corrosive comments on this topic...
lemonie Kiteman7 years ago

Kiteman lemonie7 years ago
Psst, read the thread...
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