uli lab stations

i have some vernier corperation uli lab iterfaces for sale with sensores and some documentation but no software i only have a few so there first come first serve. if anyone on here has access to the sofware or knows of some free software that will work it would be much apprishiated. im thinking about $30 US plus s&h for the whole set sensors and all . this includes the interface and cables what documentation i have and the fallowing sensors. Heart rate, ultrasonic motion detector, magnetic field detector, mic/amplifier module, regular and fast response temp probes, and a force probe

Picture of uli lab stations
R.A.T.M6 years ago
whats the point with out soft ware
junits157 years ago
what are they for?
Goodhart7 years ago
Question: does this lab deal extensively or exclusively with magnetic fields ? If not, a description of what the "lab" does may be helpful.
juggalo_assassin183 (author)  Goodhart7 years ago
it has a sensor for magnetic fields but that's it its just a student learning station that i got at the local college obsolete sale