unable to edit instructable

when i try to edit one of my instructables, the edit page comes up, but it is greyed out and a little timer bar with the word "updating..." appears. it doesn't go away after waiting a while (more 10 mins.).

am i missing something?

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You guys, you guys, you guys. I have this IDEA. To deal with the editor bugs. Actually to deal with 99% of all bugs on the site.

Now, this is a CRAZY idea, but hear me out on this one. It's crazy, but it might be crazy enough to work.

What if Instructables had some sort of...like...test server...where they deployed and tested changes before making them live...you know, to work out the bugs and get feedback before throwing untested code on LIVE PRODUCTION MACHINES. We could call it...hmm...like, oh, oh, I know - BETA TESTING!

Naaaaaaaaaaaaah, that'd never work. After all, it's not like it's industry bare-bones minimum standard procedure or anything.

Oh wait.
Kiteman Kiteman6 years ago
That is now my new wallpaper.
FYI, the new editor was tested (I helped, because if code can survive me, it can survive most things). There were bugs, which got fixed.

The bugs we're seeing now are all new bugs, not present before release, and the team are working hard on fixing them.
If ALL code is thoroughly tested before release, then there cannot be any new bugs. Either the code is not getting tested thoroughly enough (I'm not saying that because there are ANY bugs, but because of the ridiculously massive extent of all of these bugs), or new code is being introduced without testing it.
angler (author)  Lithium Rain6 years ago
testing is for fortran programmers...
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