uploading videos from mac

I would be willing to bank that the error is user oriented rather than the program, page or my machine, however I can't seem to figure it out no matter what i try.  I am attempting to upload some videos to add to my ible "Burst of Caffeine Homemade Coffee Soap" and it won't even beging to upload.  It goes directly to I/O error, and I can't find an error source.  I'm not the best with computers as it is, and since I only recently dumped microsoft for and iMac, that is't helping.  Could you please help me out.  I think the video would explain the step so much better than just written instructions, so I want to get it posted on there as soon as possible.

barefootbohemian (author) 5 years ago
This is why I came to you guys! You are the smart ones. Seems like such a simple solution to just imbed a youtube video and have it accessed that way..... so why did I not think of that? Because you are the smart ones! Thank each of you for the help. I am uploading some vids to youtube now, and then hope I can figure out how to embed them without making a total botch of the whole thing. ;)
Lemonie - i'm using safari to type this, but in general I use Chrome. Is there one that works better than the others to create idles on the site?
I may just get the hang of this, and the hang of using a mac!
lemonie5 years ago
What browser?

Kiteman5 years ago
Are you uploading files that are too large for the site to deal with?

If you're going to use videos on the site, the best way to do it is to upload them to YouTube, and then embed the YouTube video here. That makes the video instantly accessible to anybody, without them having to download anything. This puts them in a better frame of mind when commenting on your work.

Having the video on YouTube, with a link in the description to your project, can also drive more traffic to your project from YouTube.

What he said. Also, the site can't directly host/display video, you need to host it externally (on YouTube/Vimeo for example).