use cam from RC helicopter

I found a MJX T40C in my backyard. How can I use the cam without the helicopter? What voltage does it use?

Thanx in advance!


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berrymartin4 years ago
The T40C Shuttle 3.5 Channel helicopter features a state of the art 2.4GHz radio system and includes an onboard camera capable of recording video or taking photos from your flight onto the included Micro SD memory card. This Rc Helicopter is not for kids, these are for adults......
The intelligent PCB control board on the T40C features a connection point for the included high-pixel camera, allowing you to record video footage or take photos during your flight with no additional set-up required! The camera angle is easily adjustable and the camera itself is operated from the supplied transmitter.
As the camera is turn on/off through remote control, so i think you can't use it in different project....
tkonig (author)  berrymartin4 years ago
Thanx for your answer.
The problem is that, since I found the heli in the backyard, I don't have a remote control nor a batteryloader.
I would like to know how to operate that small camera bij connecting it to some sort of switch?? and also at what voltage I should use it. Maybe 7 Volt because that's what de specs say about the Voltage??
You found it in your back yard? How about doing the right thing and putting up some signs and getting the word out so that the person who owns it can get there $200 copter back.
tkonig (author)  mpilchfamily4 years ago

Maybe you should not judge so fast. The helicopter has been taken to the policestation and there they registered it. I could say it's mine after a few months if nobody came for it. Also we did put an advertisement in the local paper. Nobody ever responded. I also searched by Google for people that made movies with such an helicopter and mentioning that it has disappeared because it got out of reach. I found somebody with such a story, but he told me that it could be him, because he lives in Belgium. After that i tried to get in touch with another boy, but he never responds to several call and e-mails.
So, the helicopter is still here and I would love to give it back to the owner, bacause I'm to old to play with these toys. I even repaired the motor, because it was jammed. A nice exersition, all those little screws. But after an afternoon the wing now move again...
My question about the voltage is because I'm curious if that part stil works. So if someone knows something about is, I'm very interested to find out if it can function again.
And btw. it costs $ 109 here in Holland...
Wait a minute. Have you tried flying one of those things or seen what they can do. Helicopters are not a toy for kids. They are toys for adults. It's one heck of a hobby to get into. A costly one cause you tend to crash a lot in the beginning and have to replace parts.

As for the camera, you will need to figure out how to turn it on and off without the remote. But the camera module should be removable and can be used in another project.
tkonig (author)  mpilchfamily4 years ago
No, I've never flown such a thing and I don't intend to. My age, 58, makes me feel that although I'm not young, I don't even want to fly a helicopter. I've seen how difficult it is and I think that the reason why I found it. I'm glad that nobody got hurt when it fell uncontroled out of the sky.
As soon as I get it working, I will give it tot someone who has already one of those things and I'm sure he knows what he's doing.
In the meantime I still hope that I can get the cam working...
Thanks for all your answers so far!