use for intestine veiwing camera

My husband is getting ready to have a procedure done where he swallows a pill sized camera that moves through his digestive system taking pictures, then passes from the body.
I know it sounds disgusting, but I keep wondering if there is a way to use the camera after it's been passed.
If it passes before he eats anything, it shouldn't come in contact with any body waste and can easily be disinfected.
It just seems like such a waste to just flush the little camera down the toilet

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purduecer8 years ago
this sounds like a rather crappy idea... *pun completely intended*
Kiteman8 years ago
The cameras don't get flushed, they have to be retrieved from the, er... Unfortunately, the transmission details are probably protected by patents, so the technical staff are probably not allowed to tell you the frequency, or to let you have a copy of the communication software.
randofo8 years ago
I'm sure you could retrieve it with enough coaxing of your husband to use a bed pan. However, how are the pictures retrieved? And how is it powered? Hacking a tiny pill sized camera seems tricky. And then, there is the whole issue of sterilizing it for reuse... And degradation of its casing as it passes through the various bodily processes... I'm not sure if reusing it would go so well.
dulciquilt (author)  randofo8 years ago
I would think they made the cover strong enough to handle stomach acid. They say they cost less than $100 to make, so who knows. Still seems a shame to flush it, lol
110100101108 years ago
the reciever is local. it probably saves the data on itself or sends it over wireless network save the camera and keep the name of reciever manufacturer. try to goole for it or contact the manufacturer directly if everything else fails remove the battery from the camera and keep it
dulciquilt (author)  110100101108 years ago
thanks...we'll ask the techs about it monday and see what they