use instructables at school

if you ever wanted to use instructables at school but you couldn't because it was an extremist/terrorist/ whatever the crap else then look no further!

Found it when googling guyfrom7up, just checking...

It's a bit slower, and there is just something wrong.

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It was a bit slow, but I didn't see much wrong with it. And why would they block Instructables at school? Instructables RULES!
Mine was blocked for having forums. They put in a new blocker or something, so now everything is unblocked! :D. I'm the only Instructabler in a sea of YouTubers.
haha. our school does not want forums, but they are powerless to stop me.
cwid tech-king9 years ago
WOO go proxies!! :D
try using a proxy at my school


have you ever had the urge to RIP all the cords out of your schools server ¿?¿
tech-king9 years ago
recently, my school went back to ie6. this is a problem, because ibles works badly enough with ie7. so i had to install firefox. the only problem; aside from our allocated server space, everything gets deleted when we sine out. so i installed firefox in my server space.
tech-king9 years ago
i dont get it. even if instructables was blocked, you can get there with so whats with the link?
guyfrom7up (author)  tech-king9 years ago
really... well then check out that website, somethings wrong here
what? i cant find it.
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