video game vids without being sued

For any body out their who can help, me and my freinds planing on making a video game video series (like RVB but not the same, game, storyline, characters ect., or bob and steve) and we have everything planned out, script, characters ect., but we are worried about the rights to the game. My question is how do i get it on the internet without geting my pants sued off? just throw it up, or should i contact the company or somthing? thx for any help, ps. oh yah i forgot nebody know what type of capture card i should use, should i run my XBOx through my computer and use a usb capture card, or should i just use one of those rca jack ones? from my understanding they should just hook into the output of my tv right? that would be great if someone coul help.

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NachoMahma8 years ago
> ... but not the same, game, storyline, characters ect., or bob and steve ... . Sounds like an original "composition" to me.
XI3 (author)  NachoMahma8 years ago
just gettin the idea out, thx for the sarcasm...
NachoMahma XI38 years ago
. That was NOT sarcasm. As you described the project, it sounds like an original work.
ll.138 years ago
Just post it with an account that is anonymous. ;-) -and I don't think you will get sued, look at youtube, search Halo, CoD, Wolfenstein Enemy Territory, there's hundreds of videos. ;-)
XI3 (author)  ll.138 years ago
it really is but i was just trying to give the idea. by the way thanks for the sarcasm...
ll.13 XI38 years ago
no sarcasm there! 0.o
XI3 (author)  ll.138 years ago
lol srry meant for nachomamma lol, not you.
ll.13 XI38 years ago
whew, I thought I was being sarcastic when not trying! =)
XI3 (author)  ll.138 years ago
yes thats what i thought too, but we would like to put it under our logo.
There is so much machinima out there that I doubt you'll have a problem with it.

You should hit up some machinima sites like this one before you start.
XI3 (author)  fungus amungus8 years ago
thx a lot, it looks like a good site, this will help a lot.
gmoon8 years ago
Since you're not giving away the game, and you're not technically producing something that competes with the game, it's probably covered under Fair Use.

However, only a lawyer can tell you for sure.

BTW, even if it does qualify for "fair use," that doesn't protect you from being sued. As a lawyer friend of mine once said: "you can sue anybody for anything at any time."

Fair use, however, would prevent the suit from progressing very far... (companies still use suits or legal threats to intimidate, even if they stand on questionable legal ground.)
XI3 (author)  gmoon8 years ago
ok thx ill probally contact them neway and if they send an OK or dont send nething, ill do it neway.
gmoon XI38 years ago
Yeah. Although there's an old adage: "It's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission..." I.E., just do it. Take it down if their lawyers complain.
XI3 (author)  gmoon8 years ago
GAH!!!! if you got that from Eragon (the worst movie from book ever written) i will eat your soul!!! if you got it from somewhere else and it was a coincedence then ok lol. That movie destroyed all of the inheritance trilogys, (well series of 4 now but whatever) and i am going to kill the director and chis paulinis lawyer who signed that contract lol.
gmoon XI38 years ago
heheh... Nope, never saw the movie, or read the book. The expression's gotta be older than that....
XI3 (author)  gmoon8 years ago
ok well dont see the movie unless you read the book. just wanted to make sure, they use that phrase like 10 times in the book lol.