want/need to know to take care of a pet snake ?

Iv had a pet Corn Snake a nonvenomous snake native to most of the United states, they are good pets as long as you know how to feed and care for them.
does anybody want/need an instructable on snake care?
iv also handled and taken care of many other reptiles and amphibians through a volunteer group that are all native to the eastern coast Exsept for: ball python also a great snake to have as a pet is a they only grow about 4 feet long but they get fat. They are calm slow moving (why we use them in our group to teach little kids).

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whatsisface10 years ago
Kiteman's law.
Which one?
CameronSS10 years ago
We've got enough wildlife in the backyard that we don't really need one inside. We have a three foot (yeas-really) garter snake that hangs out on a pile of stacked lumber, little Brown snakes that hang out in the gardens, at least two Lacertas that hang out on limestone slabs, Italian wall lizards that hang out everywhere...we live near a creek, so occasionally we see foxes around, there are dozens of raccoons that live in the sewers, red-tail hawks regularly steal squirrels, and I once found a Great Blue Heron snatching the goldfish out of my mom's garden pond. And we live in the middle of the city!
Bran CameronSS10 years ago
Awesome, my 4 year old nephew would be in Heaven there. So, is the "city" of Topeka really urbanized? I go to Salina, KS every year (family) and it is so bare in the farm country, and there are a few stores in the center of the town. McDonald's, Walmart, Sam's, a mall, and a few eating places. The city I live in (second largest in Georgia) is crammed with stores and buildings.
CameronSS Bran10 years ago
It is a city, not a town. Salina has a population of around 50,000, and Topeka has a population of about 120,000. Basically, if you double Salina, add a couple major highways, add another airport, and put me in, you get Topeka. Topeka is definitely much more urbanized than Salina, although when our house was built in the 1940s, our street was a dirt road, and the park at the end of the block was a dairy farm.

Sheesh, Salina's only a little over two hours from here! You should stop by! Granted, that would be "meeting someone in person that you have only met on the Internet," so we probably shouldn't do that in case one of us is a predator or a serial killer or something...
Bran CameronSS10 years ago
we probably shouldn't do that in case one of us is a predator or a serial killer or something...

How did you know that?!?

Sounds cool. I hear that y'all have some good casinos over there, are they in the middle of town, or the outskirts?
CameronSS Bran10 years ago
No casinos in town, that would be against state law. There's a few up north on Highway 75, and some in Kansas City, MO, and a strip club on I-70, and anther one on Highway 40 that we used to drive past every day.... So are you a predator, or a serial killer, or a something?
Goodhart10 years ago
Some days I think I married one *sigh*
. Oh man! If I ever get ahold of Mrs. Goodhart's e-mail addy, you are toast!!! You'll be sleeping on the couch 'til you have hair on top of your head. Might even send her the name of my lawyer friend downtown. heehee
I said "some days". I am sure she feels the same about me at times... :-)
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