wants more pictures before i can publish

i am trying to publish an instructable i have created about equations, naturally there are not many pictures to include as much of the stuff is text based. what should i do.

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mikeasaurus5 years ago
All of the answers below hit the mark, but just for fun you can include the URL to your unpublished work and we'd better be able to assist you on what types/how many more pictures you could add, and where.
blkhawk5 years ago
You can create equations in many office suites. What kind of software do you have in your computer? Microsoft has Equation Editor built-in their software.
Kiteman5 years ago
When I did a maths instructable, I drew calculations by hand, and scanned them to make illustrations.
i don't have a scanner and think it would be a bit pointless to create pictures of the equations when they are already in the text.
So take photos of your writing.

Putting the equations in the images makes a lot of sense, actually, since the ibles editor won't support a lot of the formatting requirements of mathematical formulae.
Moem Kiteman5 years ago
Also, the handwritten formulas will give it a personal touch.
Kiteman Moem5 years ago
True - a lot nicer than something photoshopped.