We are students of Edinburgh College of Art. We are now running a project related to fly-tipping within Edinburgh. We came up with an idea and we want your opinions. Many thx!!

Step 1: Current Problems

There are many many bins on the street now in most of the community of Edinburgh which is dirty and out of order. Though the quantity of bins reached a high level, the quality of them are not good enough. Problems such as unclear sign, dirty and full bins are kind of caused more fly-tipping even just beside the bins.

Step 2: Waste House Idea

We came up with an idea of waste house in each community of Edinburgh. It is a plan in the long run. We want to build a waste house in the community, and reduce the bins on the street gradually. The ideal result will be there is no bins on the street but all in the waste house. The advantages of the house are: it's much easier to keep the house clean than keep all the bins clean on the road; the classification signs will be designed clearer; it's easier for the city council to collect, so that they can collect on time in case they are all full.

Picture of waste
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I think the real issue here is the use of commercial size wheelie bins in the street, they are an eye sore and they do look a mess. Unfortunately, mess attracts mess.

An elegant solution to this problem already exists, as shown in the photos. In place of large wheelie bins on street level there are more modest litter bins, but these empty into larger wheelie bins that are situated below ground. On bin collection days they are raised above ground level and the large bins are emptied, then lowered back under ground.

This system has already been trialled and implemented in many parts of the world, including Spain, Australia and the USA. But let's be clear that this isn't necessarily a system of centralising waste in a community to a single location, it primarily reduces the eye-sore of large scale waste bins without reducing the waste capacity, thus achieving your goal.

Kiteman1 year ago

My first thought is that the people who dump bags & rubbish beside the wheelie bins are just going to throw it at the door of a "waste house".

Agreed, unfortunately a lot of people are generally lazy and some are all too willing to leave rubbish on their own doorstep. Fly tipping will still occur at the "waste house", and those unwilling to make the walk through wind, rain and snow will just litter the streets regardless.

Yonatan241 year ago

I see you posted an Instructable that got unpublished...

You should post an I'ble showing how you did it! Just make sure to give credit, if someone gives you the idea here...

I'm not sure what problem you are trying to address. Fix it up so the garbage looks nice?(sorry, maybe false assumption thinking this is an art school project). Here in NYC and probably in most other urban centers, garbage disposal falls under the municipal sanitation codes. Each property owner is responsible for putting out the garbage, maintaining the receptacles and tidiness of the outside property up to 18 inches out into the street/curb. Dumping is illegal and so is putting your trash in your neighbors bins. Improper recycling is also fined. They only have those central waste houses in small apartment complexes. As a homeowner, why would you haul your trash a block away to put it in a common waste bin?