water car

ok i have an idea im only 13... not shure if its been thought of before but everyone knows about the car that runs on water but what about a car that ran on dirty water or inpure water and then could change that to pure water while your driving :D if this was thought of before anyone else its my idea xD

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sonic broom2 years ago

Nice idea but it may not go over to well with some groups.

NachoMahma9 years ago
. Then you're just pumping the burnt dirt/impurities into the air.
moe1243 (author)  NachoMahma9 years ago
no it would simply seperate it and put it into a different holder.
moe1243 (author)  moe12439 years ago
like some how evaporate the inpure water then like catch into acontainer above and then take the dirt or whatever left and dump it down into a different holder.
you still have to get rid of it sometime. It still gets into the enviroment.
moe1243 (author)  irish death19 years ago
k for one its allot less pollution than normal cars + also it is also allot less pollution than the big water factories and the dirt or impure water can prob be recycled into earth or if not find a way to recycle it into something usefull
Kiteman moe12439 years ago
Never mind running a water-powered car on dirty water, we're still waiting for a water-powered car that will run on water.
What you need is a REALLY TALL CAR, and then pour it down onto a water wheel from a big water tank...... no? Oh well, it was a thought LOL
Haha, you used to be able to get (still might be able to) toy boats like that, except the water just jets out of a small nozzle at the back of the tank.
Yeah, I was trying to go along with the whole run on water only thing :-) I remember getting toy boats from cereal boxes that had a balloon attached that you blew up and put on the smoke stack and let 'er rip (obviously blowing up the balloon TOO much created problems with stability :-)
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