waterproof material?

can someone tell me what material I can buy that is lightweight, molds like clay, is waterproof and singeproof, and won't break the bank? does such a miracle substance even exist?

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Tavit9 years ago
I also would like to know of a waterproof, and non-toxic moldable material that can harden *without* use of kiln. I want to build an underwater habitat environment for water turtles. The final product will need to be non-toxic and non-leachable in water. It would be great if it could be colorable in some way as well. Thanks!
Tavit Tavit9 years ago
BTW - is there a concrete-like product that could be "thin" yet "durable" that I might use?
Bitsi9 years ago
Spray foam is not moldable, but it may be shaped (sculpted) after it sets. It is waterproof, expands to fit gaps, and cheap. You can pick up a can for $4 at walmart.
Kiteman9 years ago
What about Fimo, or other similar polymer-clay?

How do you define "lightweight"? Clay is light if it's thin.

Does it have to be inherently waterproof, or can you surface-treat it after forming? Glazed clay is waterproof.

What is "singeproof"? What temperature do you mean, and for how long does it need to be withstood? Clay is used in ovens and furnaces, so is probably fairly singeproof, but so is my hand: I can wave it through a Bunsen flame for a few moments, but after that things get a bit dodgy.

Maybe you ought to use clay?
LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
plumber's putty? (can you give a better description of what you are doing)
westfw9 years ago
There are a number of epoxy "putty" combinations that can be molded like clay. How waterproof do you need? (My brother built an underwater habitat for a mouse for a science fair one year; we learned first hand how difficult it is to build a waterproof enclosure using supposedly waterproof materials...)
Goodhart9 years ago
It is hard to think of something both lightweight and "moldable like clay" since the CLAY idea is introduced and we know clay is not so lightweight, but one it becomes pottery, depending on the clay and how it is fired, it could end up somewhat light.
caitlinsdad9 years ago
Can you be more specific on what your project will be or in what way will it be in use so that we can pinpoint the material to suggest? What do you consider lightweight and to what degree of "singeproofness" do you need. There are a lot of materials that can be shaped and then flame-proofed or made fire-retardant. Could you use a rock-cement-type material, glazed-pottery, or asbestos-like foam?