way to identify projects with expensive tools

i wish instructables that required tools and machinery that aren't in the average workshop - like 3D printers and Laser Cutters - had a badge or something on the thumbnail. so i wouldn't get all excited to view the steps and get to ";psf design in your 3D printer...".  since i don't have a 3D printer nor do i know anyone who does.

doesn't have to be fancy, something that would indicate "simple tools" "power tools" special tools" and "heavy tools".  it could be an option that the poster could use, or not.

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As kiteman said there are cost and difficulty sliders, they should be implemented in search functions...

I tend to use very few tools, even though I have access to them, mostly because I have ideas in the middle of the night but also because it's unbelievable what you can do with little bits and pieces...

It's worth noting you can achieve most jobs with a set of good hand tools
bwrussell4 years ago
While some of these projects may require, lets say, a 3D printer not all of them that use one actually require it. You could probably achieve similar results using casting, molding, etc. with materials easily acquired.
That being said unless you are skilled in these crafts then just sending off for a 3D print will be your cheapest and highest quality option.
vanweb4 years ago
But with sevices like Shapeways, Ponoko and others you do not need any of the equipment to be able to create a project with these tools. I have done a few instructables that used 3d printing, laser cutters etc and I live in a one bedroom apartment with no workshop with the only access being the internet....
Tomdf4 years ago
I wonder if there is a way to search while excluding certain tags, like "3D Print"?
Kiteman4 years ago
3d printed projects tend now to be in the 3d pribting section, but you've got a good idea.

Unfortunately, there are around 100,000 existing projects, that *somebody* would have to go through and categorise.

Instead, I would suggest something I have suggested several times before, which is to include the ability to sort projects by the data from the existing "cost" and "difficulty" sliders that get used when an author publishes a project.

Thaikarl (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
i agree. no need to back fill projects. but if were implemented as a feature, new posts could take advantage of the badging or a "tools needed" slider. something may be cheap to make, (low on the cost slider, and easy to make, (low on the difficulty) but at the same time, expensive and difficult if you have to have a 3D printer, a machine Lathe or an electronics lab to do the project.

can't be all things to all people i know. i just happened to have clicked through a string of projects in the instructable email that turned out to require a 3D printer and basically eddied my time.