we have an imposter

there is this guy called kipkay. you all know him. now there is this guy called kipkay who has the same avatar as the real kipkay. when you search for him, pick the first result, ok. just a warning

here is a link

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Keith-Kid9 years ago
I know the feeling.....
me to...
We're that special. We are amongst Kiteman, and all others famous enough to be copied!
O ya! high-five!
aww. im not weird enough to be copied lol. just another 2 weeks and twelve hours.......

Look out! It's a homosexual version of the heterosexual Keith-Kid that we all know and love!
That we all love? Hmm... Contradictory with your heterosexual note.
y'know we lova ya. Just not that way.
What the crap?!
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