weapons that dont exist but should

I was looking at the Uncyclopedia article called ''Weapons that don't exist, but should''. I was thinking if any of you guys can think of new  ones that are not in the article.It could be any thing from suicide sheep to landmines that explode into attack dogs.

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Jake sword!!!

Fart gun...

modaawesome5 years ago
c4 pet imagine this you are going to walk your dog he goes over tho the mail box hikes his leg and bang this happens
mushroom cloud.bmp


Qcks2 years ago

Weaponized Taco bell.
This does not need explaining.

I'd put something about 5 hour energy but that's clearly a weapon that exists.

RyanH42 years ago

gun that shoots a t-rex

monsterlego5 years ago
Portal gun!
Iwantbigboom (author) 5 years ago
very funny
Tachyon super laser ?