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ledzep5679 years ago
is it just me or does naruto scream post nuclear war? i used to follow it when it was still in Shonen Jump and meant to be a young adult/teen comic. now that its a TV show on cartoonnetwork all the little kids have ruined it just like everything else. i think there are too many subliminal messages and meanings for the current audience(young kids) to fully appreciate the work that the script writers have put into it.
They also ruined One Piece.
yea, i used to follow that but now its ruined and that comic about the kid who found a boardgame thats possesed with a spirit? that was my favorite. but now i think they are making it into a show...
coolz ledzep5679 years ago
you mean jumanji?
ledzep567 coolz9 years ago
nope, its a asian comic from shonen jump magazine. its a board game similar to checkers. but its definatly not jumangi
coolz ledzep5679 years ago
i keep up more with American comics more than manga and i barely look at them. all i do is look at them on wikipedia
ledzep567 coolz9 years ago
lol i stopped looking at comics about 4 years ago...

They changed the voices mid-way with no explanation. Evil I tell ya. now
On the other hand, forgetting the voice change, they now allow the word crap on one Piece.
Whaaattt?? The word crap???? What is this world coming to.
naruto 777 (author)  Doctor What9 years ago
yhea alot of people say crap
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