what CAD package/software do you use?

Hi - I have been using SketchUp for a couple of years, and grown reasonably proficient in its use.  However, it's not very intuitive in terms of being useful when trying to sketch ideas, find correct proportions, squeeze or stretch items until they "look right".  Having always to think in terms of creating drawings from extrusion of 2d surfaces is not often helping creativity!

So, I am interested to learn and hear about anyone else's experience of using alternative CAD software in light of my comments about SketchUp - what do you use?

ilpug4 days ago

I use SolidWorks and Fusion 360. I used 123d a bit as well. Solidworks is great but It has kind of a "microsoft" feel (packed full of obscure features, clunky interface, has to be customized to work comfortably), while Fusion has a bit of an "apple" feel (smoother, less features, more worthless cloud integration).

Most of my CAD work is for 3d printing and I tend to use TinkerCAD. I sometimes use 3DS Max, depending on the complexity of the design. 3DS takes some time to get your head around (I'm not that proficient with it, but I'm learning as I go).

I've never used SketchUp so I have no basis for comparison. I have also tried 123D and had a brief look at Fusion360 but always found myself hiding behind the familiarity of what I know.

I use PTC prodesktop which is now getting very old but I like it because it is so simple to use and outputs DXF, and STL files realy easily. I also use Vcarve quite a bit.

I tried sketch up and it great for drawing pretty pictures, but I didn't like it for anything anything else like 3d printing or laser cutting etc.

Also sculptris is pretty cool but I don't use it for anything.

Anyway here is a some more software packages most of which I have not tried.