what I can do to recreate the Star Trek Yoyager (DS9) uniform any ideas?

I just bought the Star Trek Yoyager badge from Think Geek (so I can use it for my DS9 cosplay for Free Comic Book Day) I've thought getting a long sleeved red polo and dye that to be the look of Voyager/DS9 and use my badge and put that on to complete the look with my own hand crafted Captain rank pin,and I was thinking to make the collar on the polo grey and I just get a grey shirt to blend it in.

Any ideas I could make this uniform I would love to make for cosplay, I could find the uniform itself premade but I'll love to make it my own with little or no money.

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caitlinsdad2 years ago

You can start here but I would add shoulder patches or cover lining over the base black shirt, jacket, jumpsuit. If you are a novice sewer/sewist, joining sleeves are difficult to master. Dyeing fabric usually ends up with something that messes up the rest of your laundry.


and look through thrift/army surplus stores for used coveralls, that might be worth dyeing black if it wasn't already.

and the other thing to do is a mashup. Get a black jumpsuit and a similar red jumpsuit or top. Splice together the shoulder parts and transplant after switching them out. But then you would have a reverse color one from the alternate universe...

SuperScourge (author)  caitlinsdad2 years ago

Wow never knew that, as for me just a simple two piece clothes could work, not sure where is a surplus I know is far that may have a red or black jumpsuit.

You can buy the uniforms ready to go at shops like this one.


They are still not the genuine article like in the movies but they come damn close, same for their othe gadgets.

Might end up cheaper to buy one and to use it as a template for your own creations, this way you have something to take measurements from and match the colors correctly.

SuperScourge (author)  Downunder35m2 years ago

That's a great idea then once I've gotten my uniform made I could use my voyager badge and clamp it with those magnets that the badge uses and I'm done complete with the ranks I'll need which is captain from Think Geek.

Kiteman2 years ago
SuperScourge (author)  Kiteman2 years ago

Few are from the movies and roughly from TOS Era I'll see if I can buy one if possbile but not sure.