what Materials are the best to make tiny human models like Wood Artist's Model?

I was thinking Wire and Fimo but Fimo is too much expensive...

WHat kind of wire is the best? im thinking about twisting them quite often

What Kind of thing can I replace for fimo and cheap?

caitlinsdad9 months ago

The do sell armature wire which is a thick soft metal wire but you can make do with any wire you have, you can twist a few thinner strands together to make it stiffer. Coat hanger wire is too stiff to use but the copper wire for electrical mains hookup might work. I'm guessing 3D printing for the joints and woodworking are not accessible so why not just papier mache the form once you have your base structure built up?

when I want a coat hangar to be more pliable, I toss it in a fire to anneal it. This could also be done in an oven, but plastic coating will be nasty there.

Toga_Dan9 months ago


Look for ibles on wood turning. Or even whittling.