what are household oxidizers?

i have been into rockets for a while now but am growing old of the model ones. i now wish to make my own, but am finding it hard to come across oxidizers. they seem to restrict everything now days because a bunch of cowards flew some planes into buildings in a country 9000kms from me(AUST). talk about game wreckers. what common household products have duel purposes?

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Maxv82 years ago

KNO3 is a way if mixed with vinegar and sugar. But do not forget that oxidizer needs to be mixed with liguid fuel. And those mixed will create a burning force.

You can also make a safer rocket fuel. If you mix the oxidizer and the fuel before you light it, it can almost never go wrong, but then you have a solid rocketbooster.

LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
Grant's stump remover is mostly KNO3
i also heard that specracide stump remover/killer is 99% KNO3 potassium nitrate
when you say "mostly", what percent purity do you imply?
skelly74477 years ago
Red iron oxide or rust is an oxidizer that can be created simply by putting steel wool into vineger
how well does rust work as an oxidizer compared to potassium nitrate?
killyou77 years ago
i've heard ammonium nitrate works well, as in very well. it was used in the oaklahoma city bombing that killed all those people....
anyway you can get it in fertilizer, like at hardware stores. if they dont just label it "ammonium nitrate" it will be labeled as something like 30-0-0.
i havnt gotten around to building a rocket with it yet but it should work just fine
junits158 years ago
well hydrogen peroxide might work, but its about 97% water so maybe not. If you can Go out and buy spectracide stump remover (black bottle) it is actualy KN03 it comes in a powder readey to use.
Hydrogen peroxide is actually used for that with copper (or containing alloy) but with the 3-5% household concentrations, you'd get nothing. For that to work, you'd need 95%+ conc. for that purpose (that stuff is pretty wicked)
yes it really dangerous at that concentration, one wrong move with a match........................well I havn't tried that..............yet!
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