what are you getting for christmas? tools?

just wondering what you guys are getting for christmas. is there any new cool tools out? cheap? i am getting the dremel stylus, by the way is it good? i am also getting a tool box kit. (soldering iron, pliers, etc)

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w00ty3210 years ago
hopefully, this:

and money to get electronics stuff this try this puppy out.
I said i was hoping...i never said i am. Besides, that would be splitting the price with them, i'm sure.
How much are they?
The ones that are out now are $400, but the 8 gig (1 gig of ram) will be out any day. It's supposedly going to be ~$425
But see, i'm also going skiing over the winter break.. does "middle one" mean the 8g pc was released? *Runs to check newegg*
aww mann
jessyratfink10 years ago
I'm not asking for any tools this year, actually. I'm getting a slim DS (my boyfriend is trading my old one in) and Phantom Hourglass. :D :D :D I'll probably get giftcards or cooking stuff from everyone else.
Phantom Hourglass....do you mean this ?
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