what can you explode

such as salt peter can that explode

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Dread_Neck7 years ago
If you mix the right amount a certain chemicals, as long as it is under pressure it can at least "combust", right?

This was a poor post 3.5 years ago, but what are you asking today?

Me? I just like stuff thats rad and also stuff that can explode.

Can you get weedkiller containing sodium chlorate?

well, no. i am always in search on kno3, but i cant find materials for rockets. i just dont have time. i spend a lot a my days make viniger +bs bottle bombs. i need more info of scientific reatcions.
You need powerful-oxidants or fireworks, reactions are no good without the chemicals.

We've mentioned two already, have you thought about Thermite for fun?

Senseless10 years ago
Even Sawdust will go Boom if it's fine enough...

Yeah, it makes a nice fireball too :-)
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