what do yall think?

btw what happend to not liable any ways OK i was bored today. It acutaly rained in so cal so I made this thing its about 5 feet tall and its a pnumatic blow gun thing with a electronic scope i coulnd find the presure rated pvc thing nor the co2 tanks so i used the next best thing A COKE BOTTLE AND A BIKE PUMP WOOOOOOT. i Know people are going to say why the (*(& are u using a coke bottle its because i only need 25-30 psi with a paper dart tiped with a paperclip and foil it went about well outa my houses yard passed my neighbors yard to my 3rd row down neighbors yard (thak god!)

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amonkeyt8 years ago
I pumped up a large water bottle ( < 2 liters) to 120 psi
knoxarama8 years ago
what did you use for the trigger
OC so cal is the best. Is that where you made it? If so, what is your take on the fires occurred recently?
gotja (author)  Constructo Man10 years ago
half arson and other half is natural
teaaddict31410 years ago
oh and btw on mythbusters they found that 80 psi with a 2l bottle is safe
gotja (author)  teaaddict31410 years ago
realy hmm na lol my paper dart tiped with a paper clip got stuck in a peice of oak at 35 psi and the triger is a modified valv from homedepot i replaced soem things lol and tomarow im gonna add a bolt and a clip and try to use co2 bttles instead (get em cheep at walmart lol)
like the 12 grams or the 20 oz bottles?? the co2 might be kinda tough to use cause its a very cold gas and very high pressure...i wouldnt use it personaly just for safety issues....you should just buy a paintball gun if u want to shoot stuff fast...at walmart u can get a gun for like 60 bucks...
gotja (author)  teaaddict31410 years ago
i already have a pintball gun and a airsoft gun im just doing this cuz im bored lol
gotja (author) 10 years ago
damn it i broke my bike pump needle TT_TT
teaaddict31410 years ago
im wondering how you guys made the trigger? just a valve from home depot? or some diy thing
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