what do you collect?

what do you collect? i collect bionicles. there like models and are fun to make. so far i have 18 and a castle type thing. i have 3 that are around 7 years old!! btw. i also collect ds games(hence the name)

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I collect things to collect. :)

-"Super balls" from vending machines. I have 85.
-Spare change. I will turn this into the bank when I fill the container.
-Random stuff, such as electronic components from musical greeting cards or Altoids tins.
-Shirts/apparel from my school, teams, or tournaments.
-Awards/certificates that I earn.
-Used crayons. (To be melted and used later.)

-I used to collect snow globes when I was younger.
-I used to collect stuffed animals when I was younger.

-I want to start collecting random metal things (screws, nuts, washers, staples, etc.) that I find on the ground.
Goodhart9 years ago
Books, mostly manuals and science books, with a very VERY small selection of SciFi mixed in.
my wife, however, has more expensive tastes and collects Breyers.
John Smith9 years ago
My workspace.
It IS actually cleaner now...but that's not all of my workspace, either.
If you think that is messy you should see my shop area.
ha, my workspace is actually cleaner than it was. Well, since me and my dad built a big work table. It's cleaner than in the pictures, I did some organizing.
My Workshop

But yeah, workshops can get REALLY messy. I like mine clean and organized, but I'M not going to organize it...haha
Bran9 years ago
Chicks. Ha!
dsman195276 (author)  Bran9 years ago
can i borrow one?
Sure you can ! Pick one !

dsman195276 (author)  Goodhart9 years ago


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