what do you think about the religion Flying Spaghetti Monster aka fsm and pastafarianism

what do you think about the religion flying Spaghetti Monster and pastafarianism please be kind with your comments I am a supporter and all flaming comments will be flagged

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shortone8 years ago
I think the theory about pirate numbers corrolating to global temperatures actually makes sense; perhaps the water currents formed because of the pirates' oceanic movements somehow kept the cool air circulating.
Sunbanks10 years ago
Flying Spaghetti Monster?
It's a nerd meme, it's neither funny nor clever, but it won't die.
I'm fond of the original purpose however.. For anyone who doesn't know: It was started as a way to protest the adding of creationism to a school curriculum (forget where). But the creator wrote up a paper threatening legal action if they didn't add pastafarianism to the curriculum as well.
Ah, the good ol' Kansas School board...Trying their best to prevent me from learning science in science class. Although now that I'm in Chemistry, I'm kind of worried that I'll be required to turn lead into gold... It's funny, though...every science teacher I know openly despises the Board.
I'm kind of worried that I'll be required to turn lead into gold...
Then you will need this book:

Alchemy Unveiled web medium.jpg
I'm really not sure on how worried to be...Particularly if Mr. Moron Huckabee gets a prominent federal position, or moves to Kansas.
Well, to be prepared.....we are prepared to offer you a discount on the books


joking !
joking. so there will be no discount?
I don't sell them :-)
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